Anthology's 2nd Annual GARAGE BAND / GARAGE SALE.

July 1� noon � 10pm.� 32 second ave @ 2nd street.�Admission is $7.00

Here�s the order of the bands from to play:

The first band would probably start at 2 pm (we--mixelpixel-- will start around 5 I'd say)

...The Martinets

...The Rogers Sisters

...The Turnoffs

...Mr. Mixel Pixel


...The Count Me Outs


More info can be gotten from 212 505-5181 x15

It's a full-day cookout and garage sale with live bands playing all day long and into the night, right on the sidewalks outside

DONATIONS The sale consists of donated items, so bring 'em down - as much stuff as you want. It's a great way to clean out your apartments. They especially are looking for film-related items. You can drop off items as early as June 25th. If you (or your company) donates, you can even get a receipt good for a tax-write off, as Anthology is a 501(c)3. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Many of you on this email list work for film or music companies.� The Sale could use not only used items to sell, but would love promo items for any upcoming releases you have this summer - soundtracks, samplers, posters, etc.� If you are giving away something really good (like DVDs or signed items), they can even do a raffle.� A perfect way to reach film and music fans. LISTINGS Some of you on this email list are writers for local publications. Why not list the event as a pick of the week? You can get a full line-up of bands by emailing or calling Lise at the info below.... See you there!